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Chemical Pioneer Award:

The Chemical Pioneer Award recognizes chemists, chemical engineers, or their associates who have made outstanding contributions which have had a major impact on advances in chemical science and industry and/or the chemical profession. This award was first given in 1966.

Previous Chemical Pioneer Award Winners


Professor Anthony Cheetham
Dr. Ann M. Valentine
Dr. Robert Langer


Dr. robert Lochhead
Dr. Robert Lochhead and Dr. Helen Free Receive 2012 AIC Chemical Pioneer Award
Dr. Helen Free
Dr. Robert Lochhead was awarded The AIC Chemical Pioneer Award for his stellar accomplishments in the field of polymer science and engineering. Dr. Lochhead serves as Principal Investigator of the NSF funded ‘Multinational Partnership to Incite Innovation’, Director of The Institute for Formulation Science and the National Formulation Science Laboratory, and Director of the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at the University of Southern Mississippi. The National Formulation Science Laboratory is located on a 523-acre site in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. More than $2billion in capital has been invested in the Mississippi Polymer Industry, creating 42 new companies and 10,000 new jobs.
Dr. Lochhead is the author of about 300 scientific papers and 18 Patents, some for polymers that are used extensively in our industry. Since 1995, his students have won 9 best paper awards and 12 best student poster awards at National Meetings. He served as President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists 1994 and 2010. He was President of the International Association of Formulation Chemists in 2000. He was the 2000 recipient of the Maison G. De Navarre Medal; the highest honor in the Arts and Sciences of Cosmetics, and also the SCC National Merit Award, 2006. Lochhead also serves on the INCI committee.

Dr. Helen Free was recognized with The AIC Chemical Pioneer Award for her noteworthy contributions in the development of various self-testing technologies for urinalysis for diabetes. She holds patents in clinical chemistry.
Dr. Free has a long and distinguished record of service in various capacities at the Bayer Healthcare Diagnostics Division (formerly Miles Laboratory). She has served on several national organization boards, and has received recognition as a Distinguished Alumni from Wooster, Medical Economics Award, National Leadership Award, National Medal for Innovation (White House), National Woman of the Year, AIC/Chicago Award, Engineering and Science Hall of Fame, National Inventors Hall of Fame, American Association of Clinical Chemists Outstanding Contribution and Achievement Award. She is an AAAS Fellow.
In 1993 Helen was elected president of the American Chemical Society and thereafter served as Director and as Chairman of the Board. She initiated the international program at the ACS, and contributed to National Chemistry Week, to all the outreach programs, and to the membership and community affairs programs. She was awarded the Mosher Award and the first Helen Free Award.