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ISSN 1945-0702
Editorial: Relaunching The Chemist
David Devraj Kumar

Florida Atlantic University

We live in a world heavily influenced by the chemical sciences and their applications in technology. The influence of chemistry is all around us, ranging from food and household products to cell phones and life saving drugs. It is exciting to read about developments in chemistry, and it is similarly exciting to share new ideas and research findings to keep the chemistry community informed of developments in the advancement of chemical sciences. Therefore, it is appropriate that The Chemist, the official publication of The American Institute of Chemists, is being relaunched as an online refereed journal. The aim is to provide a scholarly outlet for the widest possible dissemination of research and developments in chemistry. Established in 1923, The Chemist has been a respected forum for the dissemination of articles in all aspects of chemical sciences. The peer-reviewed articles include research reports, scholarly discussions, and review articles, as well as book reviews, which are also entertained and encouraged. The newly organized editorial review team of academic and industrial scientists and educators from various parts of the world is pivotal to maintaining the quality of the journal. This first online version of The Chemist, volume 85(1 & 2), 2012, contains articles and book reviews that are both informative and thought provoking.

Tori Maywalt and co-authors are reporting a research study comparing the total, free, and % free prostate specific antigen in the serodiagnosis of prostate cancer in Hispanic-American and Caucasian-American males in the United States. Considering the fact that prostate cancer is the leading non-skin-related cancer in men, their study is not only important to improve understanding of prostate cancer in Hispanic-American males in the United States, but also to provide a platform for further research in this area. The study by B. R. Manjunath and co-authors deals with the preparation and testing of polyvinyl chloride compositions containing different amounts of additives for flame-retardant low-smoke electrical cable sheathing applications. David W. Riley is presenting a series of analyses of shear defects to the molecular structure of polyvinyl chloride and other polymers close to nanometric sizes in extrusion engineering. R. E. Yager is challenging people to think about the status of chemistry as an education discipline in the wake of the nanotechnology revolution and the new focus on STEM research and teaching. Finally, the reprinted (with permission) editorial from the C&E News “Chemical News Blunder, Powering Up with Cotton” by L. E. Wolf, appearing in the Public Understanding of Chemistry section, raises eyebrows about the way chemistry is occasionally, if not often, being portrayed in the media. The variety of articles in this issue should give the readership some impetus to think about the role of chemistry in shaping their thoughts and lives.

Finally, the support of the following individuals and institutions in facilitating the relaunching of The Chemist is acknowledged with gratitude. The role of the late Dr. Lila Albin of Purdue University for her leadership in sustaining the journal during a period of neglect should not be overlooked. She also played a significant role in the leadership transition of the journal. She will be missed. The dedication of the reviewers who provided thoughtful reviews and feedback in a timely manner to improve the quality of the manuscripts is very much appreciated. The timely feedback received from Dr. Penelope Fritzer of Florida Atlantic University who served as a guest book review editor and contributed to improving the quality of the book reviews is thankfully acknowledged. The efforts of Mr. Andrew Binder of Florida Atlantic University in recreating The AIC logo are appreciated. The assistance provided by Ms. Deborah Cate in style editing the manuscripts is also appreciated. It is encouraging to note that the Board of Directors and Leadership of The American Institute of Chemists are strongly behind the journal. Finally, it should be noted that the support provided by Florida Atlantic University in establishing a home base for editing The Chemist is invaluable in relaunching this important international scholarly periodical.

Thank you.



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